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Innovative Sales Compensation Software

As part of Salesforce Compensation Consultingís mission, I strive to offer reliable strategies for effective compensation [link to Strategies] across fields and business environments. As the latest innovation that I provide to my customers, Iíve streamlined the process of creating customized compensation plans using the power of modern technology. Applying my knowledge and experience in motivating through incentives, I created a comprehensive sales compensation software solution--$alescomô.

      $alescomTM is a software program for designing pay for performance and sales compensation plans for any job in any industry. It designs, calculates, and prints a total compensation program, or incentive only programs, complete with administrative guidelines. The program accommodates differences in budgets, market conditions, products or services, and goals. $alescom's design alternatives include:
     1. Total Cash
          a. Base salary and range
          b. Incentive compensation
               i. In dollars
               ii. In percent of base salary
     2. Straight Commission
     3. Incentive Only
          a. In dollars
          b. In percent of base salary
          c. Capped and uncapped incentive opportunities

Purchase $alescom Software: $395.00

Success through Adaptability

In the business world, thereís no avoiding challenges. Building success is all about having the right strategies to overcome the obstacles you inevitably face. In my experience as a sales compensation consultant, Iíve seen firsthand how vital effective motivation is to keeping your team on top of struggles before they become insurmountable.

Your employees are your greatest resource. They are the problem solvers, the day-to-day operators, and the backbone of your businessís strength. When their compensation incentivizes success, they deliver better results for you.

Balance equitable pay with motivating factors and attainable incentive goals that you can tailor and continuously adjust to fit your operationís needs. With my software, thereís no hassle--just a streamlined interface with all the tools you need to make the most of your reward and recognition programs. See how $alescom can make a difference in your companyís success by making it your all-in-one resource for compensation design.

Contact me today to learn more, or purchase $alescom for your business. I proudly offer this software nationwide.

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